Masterwork Arts website came to mmypicturee as an afterthought of Faerie Dust Online, my first website.  As I was constantly in search of new and beautiful products for Faerie Dust gifts, I kept stumbling on some really nice works of art.  I started collecting these works and it occurred to me I could start a new website for fine art.

So here we are.  Masterwork Arts, in it’s infancy, has several collections I find to be interesting and compelling.  I truly appreciate all the work, study, and dedication the artists have put in.  They have made names for themselves on their local levels, and some internationally.  We have artists from Thailand, Israel, Russia, and the United States.  I hope to support them as artists by selling their work through my website, and as my coffers expand financially, so will the scope of the works I feature — but this is a start.

I hope you enjoy looking at these wonderful works of art, and better yet, I hope you will decide to grace your home with some of our lovely selections, and also help us grow.  The more we grow, the more artists we can support.  It is a win-win-win proposition; us, you, and the artists.

Thank you for visiting and keep coming back.  We would appreciate it if you would share this website with others who would also appreciate it.

~Christine Kerr

The paintings featured in the header of this website are from my personal collection.  They are oil paintings by my sister, Kathleen Bradbury from Santa Fe, NM.  They are depicting the Almond Orchards in the Chico, CA area, where she used to live.

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