The Inspired Art Work of GW Mireles

The Inspired Art Work of GW Mireles

I was fairly new to Instagram when I decided to see who all these people were who “liked” my products.  I came across the name of GW Mireles and clicked on his profile page. What I saw was pretty amazing. This was a photographer extraordinaire and also an artist.  He chose his subject matter and enhanced it with texture and color. His technique really made me feel what he was seeing. The thing that made it seem almost 3D, was that there is an emotional dimension added with the manipulation of color and texture.  This added the “almost” 3D perception, which make the pictures have the depth and contrast similar to real life, not just photographically but also emotionally. When you capture dimensional emotions, the visual 3rd dimension is replaced by the emotional dimension – additional texture and color in this case, which also serves to create a more internal and personally real dimensional experience.  After being really uplifted by looking at his work, I believe I dropped him a note saying I loved his work. Then I moved on to other things.  

Finding Gil

Since I started this Masterwork Arts website, I am continually looking for more interesting artwork.  It struck me the next day that I should contact this artist and see if I could sell some of his work…but I forgot his name.  I think I searched for him for about a month, then gave up.  

I was lazily scanning the “likers” again and this little avatar icon that was a goofy little caricature of a man seemed familiar.  After clicking on his icon, there was GW Mireles and his beautiful works. The first thing I did was bookmark the InstaGram persona, then the rest is history.  We worked out a satisfactory arrangement and now I am posting some of his work for sale on my website.

But here is the best part: I got my first painting purchase, “Awaiting a Coachride”. I unrolled it from the tube and when I flattened it out I was stunned at the color and quality.  I ordered a premium paper, “Somerset Velvet” and because it was Museum Quality, the vivid colors should stand out. They did and I had to touch the print to see if it was a painting.  It was just beautiful and I am so glad I chose that paper even though it cost more.  The results are worth every penny!

Latino Paintings

The Latino paintings set in Mexico are also timely as well as beautiful.  I would like to show the viewers what a rich heritage and culture Mexican people have.  This is the joy and beauty of their culture, yet many in the American Culture see Hispanic people as less than human, who should not have any rights to family and/or health or well being should they step foot in America.  We need to be reminded the Hispanic culture is a culture of good people who bring their richness to the United States and we benefit (who doesn’t like Mexican Food?!). We also spend a lot of money to go and vacation in Mexico in order to experience first-hand their rich culture.

Dimensional Composition

Actually, I am not an artist of the visual nature, but I am a musical artist with a Master’s Degree in Music.  Although my Master’s project was performing a vocal Master’s Recital, I really wanted to make my path as a composer, but they did not offer that at the University.  I decided instead to write some of my own music for the Master’s Recital. What I learned as a composer is that the best works of art have that emotional element. I cannot listen to a piece of music without finding or creating a compelling story while I am listening.  If you don’t have an internal, emotional reaction…if it doesn’t grab you in some way, then you usually will not connect with the music unless it is purely academic , where you can appreciate it intellectually.  

This artwork is like that. Not only a visual response, but also emotional as well, just as with writing music where the music enhances the words in order for the composer’s creation to be expressed in all ways, almost as a complete experience, perhaps as that of the third dimension of musical art.  For me the 3 dimensions of the Arts, regardless of genre, are Spirit (Inspiration), Intellect, and Emotion. I find these elements to be apparent in Mireles’ Art.

Experience the Photographic Art of GW Mireles

I hope you can feel the sentiment of GW Mireles’ subject matter by looking at these stunning prints as I did (and more yet to come).  The musical entertainers are there for the joy of the Mexican traditions, sharing their talents with others, eloquently expressed in these photographic “paintings”.

It is so exciting to actually see what the other works of art are going to look like.  My stomach flutters when I think about it. I will update you when I receive them and hopefully I have inspired you, or at least piqued your interest about the beautiful Photographic Art of Gilbert Mireles and his digital painting technique. Take a look at this collection on our website and imagine each scene almost coming to life!  I can take you there now. Click ——> Here

Update:  Unfortunately, we have been having issues with the quality of the prints.  We are working on resolving this issue.  I will update when we resolve these issues so these beautiful pictures can be available again.

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