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Welcome to Masterwork Arts.  Here you will find lovely and unique works of Art as we personally select merchandise from around the world, providing original works by artists who share their point of view through their craft.  The purchase of many of these works of art also support other causes as well as the artists themselves.  We hope you enjoy your visit.

Artist: Slim Aarons

Getti Images acquired works of esteemed mid-century photographer of the Rich and Famous, Authors, Aristocracies, and Celebrities.  Now, through a special purchase, Masterwork Arts is offering Museum Quality prints of Original Photographs by Slim Aarons from the archived works with Getti at an affordable price.  When they are gone, they are gone.

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Artist: Amanda Smith

Wyoming based artist, is a Professional Photographer, Western Photographic Artist and Publisher in Wyoming.

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Artist: Manachai Jaiharn

Thailand based artist, Original Watercolor Modern Art Paintings using a technique of watercolor pen sketch on paper.

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Gala Kostroma Watercolor & Drawings

Russian based artist, “Since childhood, I love to paint giving preference to watercolor, oil and pencil graphics.”   Her specialty is – flowers, landscapes, animals, birds and surrealism.

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GW Mireles Photographic Art

Galveston, TX based artist, “I feel most alive when I’ve recently photographed a location and use the photo as an inspiration for my artwork in digital media.”

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Mira Krispil

Israel based artist, “All my art is created with Polymer Clay. I learned to work with the material with the best teachers in the world.”

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In the Potter’s Hand

Tennessee based artist, Beautiful Handmade Pottery using stencils and inspiration from Nature to form these rustic creations.

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Painting Reproduction Art: Affordable & Beautiful

Even though I had these prints printed on the highest museum quality paper, they are beautiful reproductions and yet very affordable.  See All